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5 ways companies can utilise SMS to improve their customer services

5 ways companies can utilise SMS to improve their customer services

5 ways companies can utilise SMS to improve their customer services

Businesses have been a bit late to the SMS party. Just recently I started getting a lot more texts from companies I recently bought from - and to be honest - I don't mind them. I'm probably not the only one who rarely notices promotional emails anymore, among the daily updates from high street stores I bought a bar of soap from once.

It seems companies have now started to realise this. Read rates for emails sit at around 22%, depending on industry - while SMS read rates stand at an incredible 98%. Consumers seem to have a lot more trust in texts. I keep my mobile phone within arm's reach at all times, along with 91% of all adults, making it our first point of contact.

So how can companies that don't already use SMS for customer services start to improve their strategy?

Below we have compiled some of the most essential ways companies can improve their services and their reputation…

Good Morning! Your Parcel will arrive at 8:05am

Updates are always helpful, especially for busy people who can't afford to wait around all day at home for a parcel. Not providing up-to-date information about your service is a pretty effective way of getting a bad review - especially if something unexpected happens.
So keep them in the loop. Customers enjoy being engaged with the brands they use and texting does this effectively.

Thanks for your order!

E-receipts are so simple to arrange. An automated system can send one out as soon as a transaction is complete. Even if you don't send a full breakdown of costs and returns policies, customers do appreciate being acknowledged. A quick 'thank you' or 'please shop again' is quite a small gesture for a company, but one that can have a big impact on how a customer feels after their experience.

How was your service today? Please rate on a scale of 0-9

Feedback questions… Research studies and trials have been using these for years as it is often the most convenient method for patients to communicate.
An acupuncture trial into chronic neck pain used text messaging to gather feedback from patients in the days and months after receiving their treatment. For those involved - especially those with a more severe condition - a text would be far easier than having to visit the clinic for checkups. It's a good principle for businesses to follow too; use the method of communication customers feel most comfortable using.

Text VOUCHER to 885885 to get a 10% discount off your next order

It's safe to assume special offers are pretty well-received all round. They are a great way of maintaining relationships with customers that may not have bought anything from you for a while. Receiving something small - even just a discount - may be enough of an incentive for a customer to reconnect and make a purchase.
This is the most popular channel to receive offers too. Around 33 percent of mobile users prefer text offers to mobile Web (21 percent), Apps (11 percent) and Voicemail (8 percent). (Source: DMA.org, 2011)

Is there anything else we can help you with? Simply reply to this text

A Text Helpline means customer queries can be dealt with quickly and effectively, using an email to SMS service. This type of service is often used by charities as an outreach tool. The benefit of this system is that it is often far easier for operators to deal with multiple queries at once. With a phone system, operators can only deal with one call at a time. With a Text system, companies can actually save time and resources when it gets busy. It also gives them a lot more flexibility when they offer help, such as the ability to send helpful links to web pages.

Email to SMS

This has become ever more popular with gig-goers and cinema regulars, who have lost their paper tickets one too many times. Event organisers can now simply text a reference number to customers to redeem on entry, making things run far smoother for everyone. For those in a rush, m-tickets can also be sent to passengers travelling by coach or rail.

Good customer service is essential now. In ages gone by companies could often rely on complaints and queries to blow over in time, without any real consequences. However, today nothing goes unnoticed. The majority of companies have their own call centres and dedicated social media teams, making sure every grumble and gripe is dealt with properly. SMS is simply another channel that customers can connect with. An effective system can often prevent minor complaints spiralling out of control into something more damaging.
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