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Top 10 Tips for a Great Response

With 97% of text messages being read within 4 minutes of being received, SMS Marketing is
a powerful vehicle to promote your product or services to your customers.

In order for your campaign to be effective you should follow 10 simple rules:



Make sure your message is relevant to the customers/prospects you are contacting. Identify your target market and tailor your messages.



Use personal details you hold on your database to engage with the recipient.


Clear call to action

Ensure that it is clear what you want the recipient to do, and that it is easy for them to do it.



Keep your message content fresh and engaging, do not repeat send the same message over and over again.



Think about the optimum time (time and day of week) to send your message when it will be well received and of interest - use the scheduling feature to preset send times. Also think about how frequently you are contacting your contacts, don’t overdo it!


Be brief

Keep your message clear and concise, you only have 160 characters to get across your communication.


Don't send spam

Ensure recipients have “opted in” to receive your text message.

  • Identify clearly who is sending the message.
  • Provide a functional "opt-out" or unsubscribe facility.

Test your message

It is important that you check your message before sending it to your database. Send it to your mobile to ensure the content is correct and the text fits into one message (ie. less than 160 characters).


Monitor results

As with any promotion it is important that you understand the performance of your campaign, a test and learn approach is paramount to success.


Maintain your database

It is important to manage your contacts. Key to this is:

  • Acting on all opt-out requests and remove/suppress them from future activity.
  • Remove all old/bad numbers.
  • Regularly contact all numbers to ensure they are current and usable.

92% of the UK population own a mobile phone. (Source Ofcom)

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