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Why RedSMS?

Whether you are looking at SMS marketing for the first time or are trying to improve your current campaigns, we can help make SMS work for you.

Not very ‘technically minded’? Don’t worry our platform is really easy to use and if you are unsure about anything you can always pick the phone up and talk to one of our friendly staff. Once we’ve held your hand through your first campaign you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

Not sure where to start? Our Business Development Consultants have a wealth of marketing experience in all sorts of industries. We are happy to discuss ways in which SMS could be best used in your business and offer advice on message content and strategy. Just give us a call!

If you are a 'techy’ we speak your language too! Our comprehensive API will easily allow you to integrate and automate both inbound and outbound SMS with your own website or back office systems.

Why use SMS Text Messaging?

Text messaging is simple to use and implement and has the following advantages:

Highly Responsive

Text Messaging is the most responsive media, 97% of all texts received are read within 4 minutes! Response and redemption rates are likely to be 4 times greater than that of other direct media.


With realtime reporting, you have complete measurement of your campaign in terms of messages sent, received and opened. Invalid numbers are immediately identified and can be automatically suppressed from future campaigns.

Cost Efficient

Messages can be sent from as little as 2.2p each, a very cost effective way to communicate with your contacts to promote promotions or provide customer service alerts for example.

Wide Reaching

With 92% of the UK Population owning a mobile phone and the average consumer sending an average of 50 texts per week, what better way to get your business message across than using text message marketing to engage with your customers?


SMS messaging allows you to easily target specific contacts with a tailored message. Use of personalisation further improves the likelihood to respond and interact with your business.


A text message can be created and sent within a matter of minutes to a single recipient or sent as a bulk SMS to contacts in your address book. This can be very useful if you have an important customer announcement or short term promotion.

58% of UK adults text message at least once a day. (Source Ofcom)

Call us on 03300 223459

Text 'CALL' to 85500
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Text messaging made easy

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