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Communicating with customers doesn't need to be like pulling teeth

Communicating with customers doesn't need to be like pulling teeth

Communicating with customers doesn't need to be like pulling teeth

Avoiding missed appointments and cancellations can sometimes feel like you’re pulling proverbial teeth. A lot of the time it ends up costing your practice a fair amount too. But the good news is… it’s manageable.

There are so many tools available to dentists to avoid misunderstandings that lead to missed appointments – so it’s worth finding out what we can do to save money. This blog will run through some of the features readily available on the best text marketing platforms and how they can help dental practices improve customer communications.


For your more general updates, scheduling ensures messages reach patients at the right time. In fact, you could even paste names and appointment dates from your spreadsheet or database with the scheduling tool, so that appointment reminders are sent out automatically.


Using keywords can make confirming and rearranging appointments so much easier for you and your customers. A simple message such as: ‘Reply OK to confirm your appointment for Friday 25th June’ can remove a lot of hassle for your admin. It can also serve as a reminder for customers who leave it in their SMS inbox.


Using up to 11 characters, you can substitute a number for the name of your dental practice, to make it easier for customers to remember. This will improve the profile of your business and help build a good relationship with your patients… before you start to pull their teeth for real!

Message Received!

It’s great for peace of mind to know that your patient has got your message. With our delivery reporting you will get a comprehensive record of when a message was sent, when it was received and when it was read; so that you know you’re all on the same page.

All these features are available with RedSMS through our easy-to-use platform. We provide excellent support to all our customers to help them run effective campaigns and improve communication for their business. All our text packages come at an unbeatable rate, so give one of our team a call today on 08000 114 270 to get a great deal. Or sign up at www.redsms.co.uk and receive 10 free credits to try it out for yourself.

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