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8 ways to create compelling texts that will increase business

8 ways to create compelling texts that will increase business

8 ways to create compelling texts that will increase business

#1 Personalise your message

Adding the customer’s name can go a long way. In fact, you can integrate any field from your database into your messages to prevent them sounding like another tiring circular.

#2 Seasonalise reminders about your products and services

A well-timed text can make your marketing even more effective. For example, a garden centre could send an offer about cheap watering cans at the start of spring. A recruitment agency could send out job posts on Sunday evening, before another week at work. A takeaway service could send out offers on weeknights after work. Scheduling messages is easy and it’s all about getting people at the right time.

#3 Create an unmissable offer

Giving people a reason to reply will significantly improve response rates. Money off your services, or a discounted price is a great sign of good will and will make your contacts more receptive to your marketing.

#4 Provide a small window of opportunity

Giving customers a time limit to redeem their offer provokes a ‘fear of missing out’, or FOMO as it is often abbreviated to by sellers. If you can fuse this with your latest generous offer, you will have a much greater chance of provoking the customer to take action.

#5 Tailor your text for the customer’s needs

By creating contact lists from your database you can begin to profile your customers based on age, gender and even favourite products. Texts to pizza lovers can be sent separately to messages designed to target new customers. Changing and developing your lists is a constant process, but the more you develop it, the more effective your marketing becomes.

#6 Make it easy to redeem - e.g. Reply CLAIM to receive your free gift

Using simple trigger words, an automated process can send promotional codes or extra information to the customer immediately. This is easy to set up and does not require ongoing attention. All you have to do is wait for your customer to redeem their code!

#7 Avoid technical jargon and abbreviations

Clearly some are universally known, and even necessary. But not everyone may be clued up on the latest lingo and you could alienate some of your contacts. Keep your messages easy to digest. A lot of people read texts on the move, so they won’t have time to check a dictionary!

#8 Keep it to 160 characters

The reason Fred Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert created SMS with this limit is because it was considered the best length for a sentence. Sticking to this format will keep your message sharp and it will save you money.

Text marketing is an essential tool for business now. More people have mobile devices than ever before and around 97% of texts are read by recipients.
This figure dwarves those for promotional emails that usually sit at around 20%. By fine tuning your strategy you can begin to improve relationships with your customers - and increase your revenue!

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